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Band is a sport. It's time to be recognized.

Marching Band has been your passion. Remember how your parents became huge fans when you got involved? They have loved you and taken great pride in your accomplishments. You have worked your whole life for this. Long hours practicing marching technique and music in the hot summer sun resulted in brilliant shows for your school’s fans. Now it is your time to shine. For registration deadlines, contact our director,  Joe Allison.

The City of Columbia, South Carolina and The National Collegiate Marching Band Championship Bowl Advisory Committee are delighted to announce the inaugural championships to be held in Columbia, S.C.


our mission

Find out about our organization and why we decided to start the National Collegiate Marching Band Championship Bowl in Columbia, S.C.

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Take Action

We need your help to choose the best dates and concepts for this new annual competition. Get on the ground floor and be a part of something huge.

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